Lori Magee

Lori Magee & Janet Cubbage
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We are so excited to have your child in our classroom! We are going to have so much fun this year!

We LOVE parent volunteers! Feel free to help in the classroom anytime :)

AM Session: 8:05-11:15
PM Session: 12:05-3:15

Upcoming Events

October 27-Costume Parade 9:00/1:00
October 27-Pumpkin Rotations10:30/2:30
October 31-No School

Important Information
1. Integrated Learning Experiences are now in full swing. Check the back of your child's folder for the September Calendar.
2. Please write a quick note on the communication sheet found in your child's blue folder if you need to keep us aware of anything.
3. If your child brings something from home, please coach him/her to get it out of the backpack when they arrive at school. We normally don't go through the backpacks. We are training the students to remove items such as family projects and library books independently.
4. Parent volunteers are very welcome to come into our classroom. You can get a parent volunteer badge from Rio Rancho Public Schools District Office. You can also go on the Rio Rancho Public Schools website and complete the volunteer process online.

What We are Learning This Month
During Small group, circle time, centers and large group, the focus of learning this month will include fine motor activities, counting, number recognition, recognizing names and describing attributes of simple shapes. We will be learning about nursery rhymes, rhyming, characters and settings. We will be investigating the world through our senses. We will continue to develop independence through activities, routines and play.
To the Farm
Our dramatic play center has been transformed into a Farmer's Market. Students will have the opportunity to role play as farmers, shoppers and farm animals.  We will read about life on the farm and read fiction and non fiction books about farm animals.  We will sort animals by animals that live on a farm and animals that do not live on a farm. We will learn what grows on a farm and what animals give us certain foods.We will have farm picture cards where the students will be able to associate the word with the picture.  All of our classroom learning centers will be hands-on and play based so that the students will have fun while they are learning. 

Please check your child's folder every night for any communication we may have sent you. Also, please take out any papers from the folder that are under the "Keep at Home" section.

Websites that your children can learn from at home:
PBS Kids

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at:
505-892-7735 ext. 107
The best way to contact us is by writing a note in your child's folder