Meghan Smith

Welcome to Ms. Meghan and Ms. Joseline's Pre-K Webpage
Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!!!
We will be calling our families soon to set up home visits. 
First day of school August 18th. 
Am Session 8:05-11:15
Pm Session 12:05-3:15

Upcoming Events


First Family Fieldtrip coming soon

Family Homework Project due any time before 9/30

Fall Carnival 9/30 more Info coming soon


Important Info…

  1. Integrated Learning Experiences are now in full swing.Check the back of your child’s folder for the September Calendar.
  2. Please write a quick note on the communication log found in your child’s blue folder if there is something bulky we need to take out from the backpack. We are training students to remove items such as family projects and library books independently.
  3. Parent volunteers welcome mid-September. I’ll send home a more detailed letter soon.

What we are Learning this Month…

During small group, circle time, centers and whole group the focus of learning this month will include fine motor, counting, recognizing naming and describing attributes of shapes, digging deep into nursery rhymes as well as investigating the world through our senses. We will also continue to develop independence during activities, routines and play.

                                          Camping We Will Go

Our kitchen area will be transformed into a camping site. Students will have the opportunity to role-play as explorers, take notes, study a variety of forest life, read non-fiction texts, and explore camp cooking.  We will sort and categorize fish in our math center, learn about things that sink and float at our science/sensory table. We will also read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books about the camping, forest, and animal life. Students will create art based on various book’s like “Brown Bear” and “When You Are Camping.” All of these centers will be hands-on and play based so the students will have a blast.

A few tips for children who are still having a hard time saying goodbye to their grown-ups…

  1. It’s ok to be sad, change is hard even if the school day is filled with fun!
  2. Most students stop crying and start playing as soon as the classroom door closes.
  3. Put a picture of your family on your child’s backpack, they can take a quick peek at the photo during the school day.
  4. I can relate! My 4 year old daughter still has weepy days and sometimes needs that extra hug and then a super quick exit on my part.
  5. We promise to give your child the love, support, guidance, structure and kindness they deserve. 
  6. Important Info...Please label all of your child's clothing and water bottles.

Check the calendar on the back of your child's blue folder for important info including their show and tell day.                                    
The following are great learning website's that the students use in the classroom. Click on to explore more.