Maria Alva

picture of team
Hello My Name is
Maria Alva
Hello and Welcome to RM D-22
We are all so excited to start the year and watch your child explore and gain new skills.  We will work hard this year at increasing communication and social interaction in a fun and loving way with your child.  Throughout our day at school we will be using communication books and visual schedules (that consist of pictures) in order to increase communication and build language.  Also, music plays a key role towards building language. Progress is unique for each of our students and we will be celebrating it no matter how big or small it is!
Thank you Parents for all your support!
Ms. Maria, Laura and Sharon

I'm sure by now you have noticed your child coming home and humming a tune or singing some new song!
We have been Singing Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See and Letter Sounds.  Below you will see for yourself as you are entertained by it!