About Our School

Principal: Kimberly Johns
Assistant Principal: Lisa Hughes
Special Education Instructional Leaders: Christina Rodriguez-Engel & Carrie Wheeler

SSP Hybrid Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00  AM - 4:00 PM. **School is closed on Wednesdays for Cleaning**

Mondays and Tuesdays - AM Session: 8:15 - 11:25

Thursdays and Fridays - PM Session: 12:05 - 3:15

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Welcome to Shining Stars Preschool!
We are part of the Rio Rancho Public School district and the only public preschool for 3, 4, and 5 years olds (not including Kindergarten eligible students) receiving Special Education services in Rio Rancho, NM.

We also serve general education students through the NM PreK Initiative Grant, see the Pre-Kindergarten Program description below.

Program Components
Shining Stars is an inclusive preschool that consists of several programs for children with developmental disabilities and their typically developing peers on a lottery basis.  Children who receive Special Education services have Individual Education Plans (IEPs) with learning goals and objectives based on needs identified through authentic and formal testing.  All of our classes are inclusive and each child has identified learning goals based on the
 NMPED Performance Standards & Benchmarks for Three and Four Year Old Children. 

Much like community preschools, the typical Shining Stars schedule involves 3 hours per day, four days a week.
  • Speech Only - Children receive speech therapy at the preschool as part of their daily program.
  • Preschool Program - Children ages 3-5 take part in the preschool program.  Classes sizes vary (from 10-13 students) and are served by special educators and educational assistants.
  • Pre-Kindergarten - Funded through the NM PreK Initiative Grant, this program offers early childhood learning experiences for four and five year olds with a focus on developmentally, linguistically, and culturally appropriate curriculum.
  • Phonological Cycling Program - This program benefits children with severe speech delays that impact their ability to communicate optimally with adults and peers.  Children participate in a 9-week rotation of both speech therapy and pre-literacy intervention.
Who will work with my child?
If you visit our classrooms, you will see several adults in the room.  A certified teacher designs the daily program based on developmentally appropriate curriculum.  Educational assistants help the teacher implement the plans.  Therapists integrate their activities into the curriculum.

We do what is best for all kids!

Shining Stars Preschool is based on the premise that early intervention is effective in preparing children with a solid foundation for educational success and identifying strategies which offset the impact of educational disabilities in young children.  Shining Stars has a trans-disciplinary philosophy in which all the staff members working with a child share techniques to address individual goals and objectives. The school team, along with 
families and other caregivers, work together in roles which address each child's specific strengths and needs.