Collecting Child's Items from School

Collecting Child's Items from School
Hello Families, we know that there are many questions about collecting your child's belongings from school. Please see below for information on pick up of these items and returning library books and star buttons:

Family Pick Up Days and Times for Shining Stars Preschool Families:

The following days SSP will be open to parents/families to go to their child’s classroom:
  • Monday, May 4th, Wednesday May 6th and Friday, May 8th 2020
  • May 12th and Thursday, May 14th 2020
Session Times:
  • AM Times are 10:00am to 12:00 Noon
  •  PM Times are 1:00pm to 3:00pm
*Please make sure you attend one of the times above to claim your child’s items. These will be the only times that we are opening up the campus. Items that are left will be disposed of or donated.

What will be waiting for families to pick up?
  • Spring Photos from MJ Thomas
  •  Extra Clothes, Diapers/Pull Ups, Wipes that student may have
  • Any school supplies that teachers are sending home
  • Any school work/art work/pictures that where in the classroom

Your child’s items will be in a labeled bag in your child’s classroom. There will be one staff member present to give out the bags in each teaching pod.

LOST and FOUND Items will be at the front of the school, outside of the gate. If your child has lost something during the school year you may want to check out the items. They will be donated at the end of the second week if not claimed.

What do families need to bring/ return to the school?

School Library Books: There will be bookshelves, as you enter the campus through the front gates, for parents/families to place checked out library books. Thank you for returning our library books.

Shining Stars Buttons: There will be a bucket next to the shelf for library books. Please bring any Shining Stars Buttons you and your family have and place them in the bucket. Thank you for returning your buttons.

Policies and Procedures for Pick Up at SSP:
  • School security will be on campus at the front gate.
  •  Parents/Families, please park in the front parking lot of the school
  • 1 Adult will be able to enter the SSP Campus
  • If we have a high number of individuals on campus, you may be held at the front gate to wait.
  • Entrance will be through the front gate of the school
  • We encourage the use of PPE (face masks)
  • NO children will be allowed on campus for pick up due to safety. Please do not leave your child(ren) unattended in your car.
  • There will be one staff member in each pod to assist you. It may or may not be a member of your child’s teaching team.
  • Go directly to your classroom where one staff member will be there to help you get your child’s bag of items.
  • After you get your child’s items, please exit the classroom and leave the campus via the front gate
  • This is not the time to talk to the staff members or to ask questions about your child. If you need to talk to your child’s educational team, please email them and set up a phone conference.
  • The Front Office will be CLOSED. There will be no one in the front office during this time.