Phonological Cycling and Literacy Program- Andrea Gallegos

Welcome to Ms. Andrea's 2018-2019 Literacy Class

 I will provide ongoing and updated information about the Literacy class throughout the school year. I'd like to begin with a reminder about the overall framework of my class.  Each month we will have the following to guide the learning and experiences for our students:
LITERACY CONCEPT (unit of study)

All year we focus on the children learning how to write their name. Depending on what they are ready for, they will work on matching the letters, tracing the letters, writing the letters, and learning the names of the letters in their name. They will also be exposed to the letters in our classroom environment.  We provide many opportunities for the children to learn and demonstrate pre-writing and pre-drawing skills. This requires hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, perseverance on tasks, and listening skills.  We also focus on letter formation and letter sounds to develop and strengthen alphabet awareness skills. Building phonemic awareness is also a focus in the literacy class. All of the skills and concepts we work on support the speech therapy that is done with Ms. Cheryl. Our goal in the Phonologicial Cycling Program is to build literacy skills prior to Kindergarten. 

We will be using Thinking Maps this year for show-and-tell. Thinking maps are used throughout the school district as a brainstorming tool for students. There are different types of Thinking Maps that are used for various learning and planning strategies. We will use Circle Maps to describe the show-and-tell item your child decides to bring to school.  The calendar on the back of the daily folder has student names listed for show-and-tell.  The day before your child’s show-and-tell day you will get a blank Circle Map in the folder. Your child can pick ONE item to bring to school. The Circle Map will be used to describe and share information about the item. We will need your help to ensure that the Circle Map is completed and returned on the next school day.

Ms. Michelle is the education assistant in my classroom. We work together to provide meaningful learning experiences for our students.  Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you