Inclusive Adventures Project Supports Students of All Abilities

State Farm Grant Funds Health, Wellness Effort
Posted on 10/17/2016
RRPS studentsThe project will engage a diverse group of students in the creation and delivery of a plan to provide the Rio Rancho community with inclusive opportunities to promote health and wellness for all students, especially our students with exceptional needs. Working in partnership with students and the school community, families, and community members and organizations, this multi-faceted service learning project has three objectives:

1. Offer inclusive monthly fitness and recreational adventures and learning opportunities throughout the community
2. Identify, establish and promote a network of inclusive resources for all community members
3. Create a Resource Guide of services and opportunities.

Activities that may become part of the program include:

Therapeutic Horseback Riding
Leadership Classes
Language Classes
Map Reading & Hiking
Unified Sports
Bench Design
Fitness & Dance
Literacy Clubs
5K Run/Walks
First Aid Class
RC Club

And any ideas students or parents may want to see in the community!!  If you have ideas or would like to get involved as a participant, volunteers, partner, or contribute in any way, please contact Ben Vigil at