Published At Age Six!

Ernest Stapleton First Grade Class Wins National Book Challenge
Posted on 05/23/2017
Lynn Clark and Lesley Treppiedi’s first-grade class at Stapleton Elementary has been announced as one of Studentreasures Publishing National Book Challenge winners for the 2016-2017 school year for their book, “A Walk Through the Rainforest,” published earlier this year through one of Studentreasures’ free publishing programs.

Ms. Clark’s class came up with the idea for “A Walk Through the Rainforest” when thinking about what they can do to protect the rainforest. The students wrote and illustrated the book, creating animals from flying foxes to scarlet macaws.

ESE Ms. Clark's Class“These first grade students wrote and illustrated a beautiful book. We are so proud of our young authors! Ms. Clark says. “Our students worked very hard on publishing this book. We told them it would be hard but worth it. We think they believe us now!”

Ms. Clark & Ms. Lesley’s classbook was selected based on the originality, creative storyline and illustrations of their book. This nationwide contest was open to more than 800,000 books submitted to Studentreasures for publication this school year.

(The photo of the class is courtesy Gary Herron, Rio Rancho Observer).