Tanya Vigil

 Welcome to Ms. Tanya & Ms. Amanda's Pre-K Class!

We would like to extend to you and your child our warmest welcome into our classroom! Tanya Vigil (Ms. Tanya) and Amanda Jaramillo (Ms. Amanda) will be your child’s teachers this year. Thank you for allowing us to visit with you in your home.  We are excited for the year to start and have been working hard to get the room ready for your child.  It will be an exciting year as we have many fun activities for your child to do. 

Every day that we come to work, we give it our all. We understand that each child is unique, and each child learns in a different way.  One of our jobs as teachers is to help your child discover his or her individuality and work along-side with them to maximize it. This will ensure that your child becomes a well-rounded knowledgeable student who will be ready to take on any academic challenge that comes their way.

We are really looking forward to a fun–filled and educational school year here at Shining Stars. We know that you are your child’s first teacher, and we thank you for allowing us to join you in the exciting adventure of your child’s education! 

Preschool is a very important time when lots of growth and changes are taking place. Your child is at the age where he or she is eager to learn.  During the year, we will focus on social and emotional development, listening skills, communication skills, physical development (muscle and motor control), daily living skills, and literacy skills.  One pathway where a vast amount of learning and growth can take place is through play.  Children learn and develop through play.  Your child will have the opportunity to explore, investigate, and discover concepts through play both indoors and outdoors.  Learning new concepts will also take place through guided lessons with hands on activities.  This allows children to become actively involved in what we are doing.

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