Family Literacy Center

Shining Stars Preschool is very proud of our library.  We have over 6000 books and materials that students, parents, and staff can check out.  Our goal is for children to get as many reading opportunities as possible, getting many books in children's hands, learn how to use a library: pick a topic of interest, find a book within that interest, check it out, and care for it at home.

Library Spotlight

Hello Wonderful Shining Stars Preschool Families!

October is fast approaching!! It's the time of year for pumpkins, falling leaves, and colorful skies filled with beautiful hot air balloons.  Things are going well in the library.  We are finishing up our two very important procedures and book care lessons.  Very soon, please be on the look out... in your kiddos backpack you will find their new Pete the Cat library book bag.  Students will be checking out one book from our library shortly.  Please encourage reading at home. Book handling skills are a very important concept to practice and review at this time.  Some book handling skills to consider and review with your kiddo are:

Page turning (corners of pages) please remind kiddos to avoid turning pages in the middle of the bottom of the page to help with mini tears.

Directionality - make sure book is right side up and that we are reading from the beginning of the book to the end of the book.

Ask your kiddos to notice the print or text on the page.

Ask questions like...where should we start reading...which way would we go...after (getting kiddos to notice print in books is a good thing.  If you model for your child and run your finger under the text from left to right is also very helpful).  Talking briefly about spaces between words, where one word starts, and one word ends are also great chit chats to get our kiddos mindful of what they can notice in books.

Having said the's very important to complete a picture walk with your kiddo before actually reading the book to them.  Picture walks are great because great discussion and background knowledge is being established...getting our kiddos to talk about the characters, setting, or colors in books is important.  Kiddos create a connection with the story and when they go back on their own and retell, hopefully they can refer back or make a connection with what you shared about the story.  

Spending 15-20 each day engaged in story time is so vital to our kiddos development.  

So enjoy story time, chit chat about their book, let them see you read, and above all have fun...reading is FUN!

Happy Reading
CJ Carrazco



We hope this email finds everyone happy, well, and excited about the new school year! The Media Center has had a little makeover and is on its way to being amazing and accessible to our kiddos very soon.  I'm so excited and can't wait!!

Library rotations will start the week of Sept. 6th.  Students will come to the library, engage in a couple library procedure lessons and then be able to check books out and take them home.  We ask that our wonderful families support their kiddo with their library book responsibilities.  This is a skill they will need when they get to elementary so it's good to get in as much practice as possible.  

Reading to your kiddo every night as part of their nightly routine is a great habit to get into. A nightly reading routine might look like the following for you and your kiddo...kiddos should be reading/looking at the pictures in the book, sharing what they notice,  kiddos can either do a picture walk and retell the story in their on words by reading the pictures.  Children love to be read to, spending that quality time with your kiddo and a good book is very important.  Please read to your kiddos everyday, explain whats going on in the story, you both could predict what might happen next, share what happened at the beginning of the story, what happened next, and how did the story end.  When you come across words that your child has not been exposed too or they ask what a word means explain to them the definition and also give them other words that might mean the same thing.  Building our kiddos vocabulary bank is an important part of comprehending what they are reading.  Most important enjoy each other and your time together with a good book, make reading time fun, and a routine that happens on the daily in your home.  Another great opportunity for your kiddos is to build their home libraries.  Having books in your home that are easily accessible is so powerful to your kiddos education.

Also if your kiddo accidentally damages or loses a book from our school library, they will be given a receipt for the cost of the book. When making payment for damaged or lost book, please send in the exact change for book. We are unable to give change. Any extra money for book will be considered a donation to the SSPS media center and family will be receipted for money they turned in. For example: lost or damaged book fee is $18.47 and family sends in $20.00, $1.53 will be considered a donation to the SSPS media center. Sorry for any inconvenience.

We will also continue to have Family evening events where you can come spend some time at our school engaging in fun, creative, educationally based activities.  These events will happen monthly.  Please be on the look out and plan to attend as many as you can.  We look forward to spending an evening with you and your family.

Shining Stars Preschool also has two books fairs a year one in the Fall around November and then another in February.  This is a great way to build your kiddos home library, more information to come as event approaches.

Parent volunteers are a big component to helping our library run smoothly.  We always ask for your support in the library.  Please stop in or call and we will see if we have a time that works for both of your needs.  We currently have a few parent volunteers from last year who are helping which is great but of course we can always use more lovely helpers.

Please stop by regularly on the site for information regarding Shining Stars Preschool library.  If you have any questions my name is CJ Carrazco, I'm the Literacy Specialist I would love to hear from you and assist and support you and your kiddos!

Happy Reading!