How do we pick up the Chromebook? If your child is completely registered, you can make an appointment to pick up a Chromebook at our front office. Please call 892-7735 to schedule a time.  


What if we have trouble with our Chromebook (i.e. cannot log in, no sound, broken device)?  Please let your child's teacher know what is going on. They will contact the Ed Tech to arrange a replacement. The QR Code to log into the Chromebook is missing/won't work. Please let your child's teacher know and a replacement will be provided. 

 What if we do not have internet in our home? If a family needs assistance with internet connectivity, please fill out the internet connectivity application. Internet Connectivity Application - Click Here 

 When do we return the Chromebook and charger to the school? Chromebooks and chargers need to be returned to Shining Stars Preschool on Tuesday, September 8 or when school reopens for in-person learning. If your child will be attending through the 100% Virtual option, you will keep your Chromebook and charger for the duration of this option.  If you leave the district, please return the Chromebook and charger as soon as possible by contacting the front office at 892-7735. 

 What if I have other trouble with the Chromebook? Visit the RRPS Online Learning Resources website for information on troubleshooting issues with Chromebooks. You can also speak with your child's teacher for assistance.