Students at Shining Stars Preschool place images on a poster to honor Hispanic Heritage Month

Learning about Hispanic Heritage Month isn't limited to our high school students, in fact, Shining Stars Preschool teachers are also working in lessons about Hispanic heritage and culture. Recently, one of the classes at Shining Stars was learning about famous Hispanic people. In the photos you'll see students matching famous Hispanic individuals with what they did for a living. For instance, Cesar Chavez is matched with a farmer, Isabel Allende is matched with a writer and Roberto Clemente is matched with an athlete. To make the match, the students place the image with the correct career on the poster. It's a great visual way for the students to connect the career with the famous individual. To add a bit more fun to the lesson, the students even danced to "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" from Singer Selena Quintanilla when they learned about her career.

It's great to see our youngest students learning about some of the things that we celebrate during Hispanic Heritage Month. Shining Stars also has additional special lesson plans for the rest of the month, including learning about different types of Hispanic Foods.