Two Shining Stars Preschool students play with planet toys as they learn about the solar system

Students in Ms. Lexie's class at Shining Stars Preschool recently had an out-of-this-world experience. Ms. Lexie decorated her classroom with a solar system theme and the students were able to pretend to be astronauts flying in a rocket ship. But the fun didn't stop there, students added to the decor with their own planet projects. Some of the planets made by students were the "candy planet," "zombie planet," "smiley planet," and "rainbow fruit planet." While having fun, students also learned about the planets, the moon and the sun. They played with toys that encouraged them to manipulate and defy gravity or stimulate their imagination. There were a variety of models of the solar system and a projector that displayed the planets. As a closing activity for the students, to see what they had learned, the class made solar system sensory bottles.

Great job Ms. Lexie, we love to see creativity in the classroom.